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Exhibition at MIRA, Marysville
July 3 to August 31, 2021

Mountain Ash–Standing Tall

After visiting the Murrindindi Region of Victoria, I was intrigued by the landscape, in particular, the breath-taking Mountain Ash forests that were devastated by bushfires but are now in a state of regeneration.

Rich in texture and detail, these limited-edition photographic works capture the distinct hatched patterns created by thousands of extremely tall, bare, Mountain Ash trees around Marysville.

Each photograph explores the forest at different times, creating various interpretations of the multi-layered, textural patterns in these hauntingly beautiful and mystical landscapes.

The photographic artworks have monochromatic colour palettes ranging from neutral soft greys, deep blues and blacks to warm, earthy tones.

Artworks in portrait and landscape orientations provide interior styling options for statement pieces, pairs or collections in homes and commercial projects.

I hope to encourage you to discover the detail and see the beauty in this magnificent landscape with these works.

My Mountain Ash series celebrates the majesty of the forest, created by devastation and regeneration, but still standing tall.

Mountain Ash–Standing Tall is currently being exhibited at MIRA (Marysville Information and Regional Artspace) and also at Saladin Lodge, Narbethong


"This one just jumped out at me. I love the semi-abstract patterns,

then when you look up closely, you can see the trees and shrubs and beautiful detail of nature.

There is something calming and beautiful and majestic about it. I absolutely love it!" 

– Clare, Collector from Melbourne, bought Mountain Ash 24

Recent recognition

This series has been shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society's International Photography Exhibition 163, based in the United Kingdom.

Six of the works recently received recognition at Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers  Awards 2021, achieving Top 10 in the Art category and Top 20 in the Landscape category.