What collectors, designers and art experts have to say about my fine art photography

"It's so beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful, like poetry."

– Visitor, The Other Art Fair Sydney 2021

Wish you could have seen my sister’s reaction when she walked in “WOW. I couldn’t love it any more”, she said. We love it so much, and perfectly placed in the front room.

– Clare, Collector, Melbourne

bought Mountain Ash 02

"I have had two different people say to me today that your exhibition is the best they have seen here so far. Big compliment!"

– Christine Adams, Centre Manager, Marysville Information

and Regional Artspace (MIRA)

"It spoke to me…art is so subjective and often it just evokes a feeling. I love the subtlety in colour contrast, the depth of colour itself and that it looks so tactile. To me it’s reminiscent of a Japanese textile."


– Pip, Collector, Melbourne Victoria

bought Mountain Ash 20

"Absolutely stunning exhibition.

We can’t wait to hang our prints and be transported by their beauty to Marysville every day."

– Helen and Graeme, Collectors, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

bought Mountain Ash 02 and  Mountain Ash 18

"I just took delivery of your print 'Mountain Ash 19' and it is even more stunning than I expected!"

– Simone, Collector, Sydney

bought Mountain Ash 19

"I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new piece of art. I already loved it from the picture but it's even better in real life!!"

– Bridget, Collector, Melbourne

received Mountain Ash 19 as a birthday gift

"I absolutely love this particular series of yours...I have a deep connection with the forest and mountains of Marysville..."

– Liam, Collector, Marysville

bought Mountain Ash 03

"The Mountain Ash series is a stunning collection that really represents the beauty of Marysville's landscapes. With an almost abstract quality, the photographs allow you to discover a new detail every time you look at them."

– Emily, Collector,

bought Mountain Ash 05

"So surreal, yet so calming."

– Visitor, The Other Art Fair Sydney 2021

"If I see nothing else today, seeing your art has made the trip here worthwhile."

– Visitor, The Other Art Fair Sydney 2021

"Quite eerie, but in a beautiful way."

– Visitor, The Other Art Fair Sydney 2021