What do collectors, designers and art experts have to say about my fine art photography?

"[It's like] looking out to the endless void, of variation after variation of grey, the sea at Winter, one of my favourite places..."

– Adam Harding, Director, Centre for Contemporary Photography on Strength at CCP Salon 2019

"Christine's photographs are other-worldly abstractions that delicately focus on the colour, pattern and movement of the natural world. Her aesthetically-tuned eye reveals hidden beauty in a macro world, the close-up detail of a flower becomes a mountainous landscape or an ambiguous riot of colour. Living with Christine's photography on my walls inspires me every day with the exquisite grace of nature."

– Bridie M, Melbourne, Victoria

bought Black Vendela 04

"I first saw Happiness from across the warehouse at The Other Art Fair. The beauty of its colours just drew me in. I love it because of the bright colours that make me feel “happy” every time I look at it (pun intended!). I love macro photography, and flowers, so I love it more knowing it’s a combination of my favourite things. Thank you Christine for producing such beautiful work!”

– Kerryn R, collector, Melbourne Victoria

bought Happiness

"I adore my print. I fell in love with the Peacock Abstract as soon as I saw it. For me the delicate feathers reveal that by looking at something a different way, there is more beauty to be found."

– Cathy W, Melbourne, Australia

bought Peacock Abstract

"I just love my prints! Thank you for making the world, and my world more lovely than it otherwise would have been."

– Jayne D, Collector, Melbourne, Victoria bought Turkey Abstract 01 and Peacock Abstract

"It's beautiful and I love it."

– Arno W, Collector, Melbourne bought Euphoria

"Such a stunning image, filled with texture and evoking the feeling that you could almost touch those feathers before they flew away."

– Bec B, collector, Launceston, Tasmania

bought Lorikeet Abstract

"I just love it...and everybody who has seen it does!"

– Jenny M, Brisbane, Queensland

bought Gardenia Passion

"From a judging point of view the thing that elevated these images are how they offered something left of field within their category. We love how these images work as traditional landscapes as well as aerial imagery (particularly White Village). I think conceptually you made a very smart decision with Marbella by seeing how the image could be seen as underwater. It created a lot of positive discussion amongst the committee."

– Tom, Australian Photography Awards 2019 Judge commenting on Marbella Cloudscape Underwater and White Village of Andalusia

"Drawing from the brilliant colours found in nature, the work of photographic artist Christine Goerner is at once dreamily ephemeral and shockingly vivid...[it] vibrates with an intensity of colour that has an almost unparalleled ability to fill a room."

Celosia 01, published in Art Edit Magazine,

Autumn Issue 2019

"Happy Christmas! He loves, loves, loves it, so thank you!"

– Fi, Glen Iris, Victoria bought Sea Spray  for her husband as a Christmas gift

"Christine Goerner’s sense of line, colour and form is evident in her work. Satisfaction is textural and layered, with a sense of motion created by its flowing, organic forms. It’s a large piece that could sit well as the focal piece in a large, bright family living room."

– Suzanne Gorman, Suzanne Gorman Interior Design, Sydney for Art Edit magazine on Satisfaction