What elevates something ordinary into something visually extraordinary?

Mountain Ash 13_web.jpg

As a Photographic Artist, I am inspired by, and search for, beauty in the natural world.


I’m drawn to textures, colours, patterns, forms and light and shade in the landscape and in nature. These design elements feature strongly in my art, no doubt due to my education in graphic design.


I love to capture the detail and explore various interpretations and compositions of a scene or subject.


My professional expertise as an Art Director enables me to capture and apply a layer of observation or storytelling to my photographic images, with the intent of elevating an ordinary subject to one that aims to be visually extraordinary.

"It's so beautiful, hauntingly poetry."

Visitor at The Other Art Fair, Sydney


I hope my photography encourages the viewer to see something in nature they may not have noticed before and enables them to experience a shift in mood brought by my observations.


I was born and educated in Melbourne, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Communication from Monash University. I am a Melbourne-based Creative and self-taught Photographic Artist.


Over the last few years, I've received recognition across several categories from international and local photography competitions. I was a Finalist in Sunstudios Emerging Photographer Award (SEPA) 2021 and a Finalist in the Australian Photography Awards. I've received Silver, Bronze, Top 10, Top 20, Honorable Mentions and Shortlisted recognition, for my Mountain Ash series and other work.


My limited edition fine art prints and select artworks are also available via Saatchi Art and Manyung Gallery in Melbourne. And I recently showed my art at The Other Art Fair, Melbourne.


My work is held in private collections in Australia, the United States, and Europe.